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Learning Languages is a Subconscious Process

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Subconscious language

Postby Meztilar В» 05.02.2020


As we grow up, we learn how to interact with the world. The way we communicate with superiors bosses, parents, etc. We learn how to communicate properly by observing how others around us are doing so. However, there is one set of communication skills that is grossly neglected by our society: communicating with our own minds. Why is this important, you ask? Can you think back to a time when you understood that it would be best to do one thing, but you ended up doing the total opposite?

Why is it that we can determine the best logical choice, but end up doing something completely different? Because there are so few people in our society who understand how to communicate with this very important part of our minds, we just assume that fighting impulse, emotion, and habit with willpower and rational thinking is the proper response.

The failure rates of diets and various other lifestyle changes show that willpower and rational thinking are often not enough to make difficult, worthwhile alterations to your life. In response, most people try harder and harder, only to keep failing against the untiring resistance of their subconscious mind. Working Harder vs. Working Smarter. Those who understand how to effectively communicate with their subconscious will reap the benefits of easier lifestyle changes. Those people will find that their goals seem to be pursued automatically, rather than through excruciating struggles against natural inclination.

Here are three guidelines for communicating with and influencing your subconscious mind. Therefore, think positively. Your conscious mind is the porter at the door, the watchman at the gate.

It is to the conscious mind that the subconscious looks for all its impressions. Right now, I want you to follow this one brief instruction:. What just happened? This is why optimists are often more successful at making positive change in their lives. It becomes a vicious cycle that can lead to a slew of psychological disorders. Thinking in negatives is never the correct approach. Whenever you catch yourself thinking in negative terms, stop yourself and reverse the thought by dwelling on the positive opposite.

Using the previous examples:. This change in thinking patterns will take approximately a month of active attention and effort, but once the habit kicks in, you will notice many improvements in your automatic thought processes with zero additional effort. Learn to disarm and distract. The urge to eat high calorie foods is hardwired into your subconscious, which is a much stronger influence on your behavior than logic.

The children who were most successful in delaying gratification and earning two marshmallows were able to do so by learning how to distract themselves with other activities. The children that engaged in a direct battle of willpower almost always caved in before the time limit was up. This commitment puts social pressure on me to avoid the sugary foods. This keeps my mouth busy with something else. And finally, I keep myself in conversation to prevent myself from dwelling on food.

Normally, your subconscious communicates with you through emotions, habits, urges, and gut feelings. But how often do you effectively speak back to your subconscious to try and steer it in the right direction? There are quite a few methods of communication that will help banish negative thought patterns and re-frame how you see the world. By changing how you see the world, problems can become opportunities, once intimidating situations can become easy to handle, and so on.

Here are a few methods that are proven to work:. Visualization is very tough to do effectively at first, but after a few weeks of practice, it becomes very natural.

By far, the best resource for learning the importance of and proper technique for visualizations is Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. But there is no better time than now to start using this technique to your advantage to alter your beliefs.

There are many personal development coaches and gurus that recommend different forms of affirmations, but the best place to start is with the time-tested classics. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has one of the most basic, yet most effective, affirmation routines. My favorite hypnotist is Paul McKenna because he is very up-to-date on his research on the mind, and he combines hypnosis with visualizations for an extra effective approach.

He has multiple programs for weight loss, confidence, quitting smoking, and more. The confidence program is effective, based on my experiences with it. You can check it out here. The mind is a very complex creation, which makes me wonder how people possibly function without knowing how to communicate with their subconscious, one of the most influential parts of their brain.

By learning about and using the three techniques above, I guarantee that you will become fluent in no time. And the greater your fluency, the more positive changes you will see happening in your life. Sign in. All Posts. On Speaking the Language of Your Mind. Jon Guerrera Follow. Living for Improvement Better living through goals, habits, and systems. Software, Product, Lifehacking, DJing. Living for Improvement Follow. Better living through goals, habits, and systems. Write the first response.

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Re: subconscious language

Postby Totilar В» 05.02.2020

Below all human consciousness exists a subconscious and unconscious partition of the mind. Guided visualization like this subcnscious have benefits outside of hypnosis as well. Like all computers there are different operating systems, i.

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Re: subconscious language

Postby Arashijora В» 05.02.2020

And overdrive is why optimists are often more successful subconscious making positive change in their lives. Why is this important, you ask? This new tutor was a trained teacher and being a trained teacher, he insisted, at subconsciious initially, on doing things his way. Language will stop smoking, I will be a millionaire etc.

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Re: subconscious language

Postby Akibar В» 05.02.2020

The Atlantic in The Atlantic. But are we even aware of the potential influence of language? For convenience and simplicity we will languagr to them both as the subconscious mind.

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