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WWE: Ranking the 4 Faces of Mick Foley

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Dude love

Postby Akinok В» 17.09.2019


The hardcore legend Mick Foley has wrestled under four different personas throughout his varied career as a professional wrestler. He has wrestled all over the world building a name for himself—or rather the characters he portrays. He is respected for the majority of these characters but which one is the best? This slideshow will aim to analyze the different characters of Mick Foley to see which one, if any, can be considered the best of the lot.

Personal opinion is likely to play a part in my opinion but I will avoid it as much as I possibly can. Bang, Bang! Dude Love was the first character Mick ever created and he used it in his own home videos.

He portrayed Dude when jumping off his own roof, a scene that would become synonymous with the tribute videos attributed to his career. After starting a feud with Triple H following the vacating of the titles due to a neck injury Austin had sustained, the Cactus Jack character was introduced and Dude Love was all but forgotten.

This first run as the character was not received well by fans and myself due to it being nothing like the deranged Mankind I had become used to. However, during his second run in he was brought back to face Stone Cold after Cactus took a leave of absence due to disrespect to his character.

He went for a good 20 minutes in the ring with Austin with minimal weapon use. I consider this to be the worst character due to the fact that he had such little screen time with which to play. The whole thing was made to look farcical and was more about Mick Foley living a childhood dream rather than thinking of the WWF fans. Most memorable match: Dude Love vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin Unforgiven Mick Foley has wrestled as himself since he retired from a full-time professional wrestling career.

It could be argued that he took a few character traits from each persona to create a marketable Mick Foley. He competed in a couple of memorable feuds with Randy Orton and Edge, setting the bar higher every time, and showing his sadistic nature. The style in which he wrestled and merely the sadistic look on his face showed to the audience that Mick Foley in reality was not Mankind, nor was he Dude Love, but the most feared incarnation of his apparent split personality—Cactus Jack.

On the one hand, it allows Mick Foley to finally have his name up in lights as himself, not as an extended version of himself. Secondly, the fans were a little wiser to all Foley had accomplished by the time he was wrestling with his own name, so it made sense for him to come back as himself and portray all three characters without the necessary change of attire.

Randy Orton that excites me a little more than Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton. It is after reviewing these points regarding Mick Foley as a character that I have come to the conclusion he is the worst incarnation of the four barring Dude Love. One minute he was in a Mankind-esque comedy mood, the next he was ripping Orton to shreds with a demented smile on his face reminiscent of Cactus Jack.

This slide however is fully dependent on opinion because the fourth face of Foley is technically all three in one. Think of the three-headed dog from Harry Potter. That is Mick Foley. Mankind is definitely a shining example of why Mick Foley is a legend. Debuting as a deranged, boiler room dwelling freak, Mankind swiftly became one of the most popular characters in the WWF following his loss of the tag team championships.

He morphed into more of a comedy character, allowing the audience to love him rather than just see him as a freak.

This turned out to be one of the best decisions by the creative team and mainly Mick Foley as it created some very memorable scenes and the birth of Mr. Speaking of unscripted occurrences, Mankind is best known for flying off the Hell in a Cell structure that was once feared by audiences and wrestlers alike. This came from a feud with the Undertaker which had been ongoing pretty much since Mankind debuted in the WWF. The two had extremely good chemistry and produced some of the best matches ever, this being one of them.

Despite Mick Foley himself expressing his dislike that everyone thinks this match was his best, one would be hard-pressed to argue with that statement if best is meant in terms of spectacle, excitement, shock and awe. Anyone who followed Mick Foley throughout his WWF career will know what a success Mankind was and why he holds a special place in my list of top 10 characters in WWF history.

The strange attire, the Mr. Socko gimmick and the deranged nature of the persona puts this character second on my list. Most memorable match: Mankind vs. The Undertaker King of the Ring Cactus Jack is without a doubt the greatest manifestation of Mick Foley ever. Even if you just look at his WWF career it is definitely the best persona.

He competed in what I consider to be the greatest death match of all time in against his friend Terry Funk, leaving him bruised, battered and burnt. This reputation, when brought into the WWF, was maintained by the excessive weaponry and deranged things Cactus would do to injure his opponent. Cactus Jack was the most disturbing persona of all, obsessed with barbed wire and thumb tacks, the sadistic psycho would stop at nothing until his opponent could no longer stand up.

This featured the infamous piledriver through the wooden table, which was then shown quite often in vignettes regarding the character.

He enjoyed a fairly successful run with the character in , teaming with Terry Funk and taking on the New Age Outlaws in a feud that would see them thrown off the stage in a dumpster.

Towards the end of , Mankind was becoming easy to beat for Triple H and was replaced by none other than Cactus Jack for a street fight at the Royal Rumble. Reminiscent of the spectacle, Cactus would go flying off the side and slamming through the top, before losing to the pedigree. He ended his 15 years with the portrayal of his best character.

He ended it in Hell in a Cell, a structure he made famous. He went out knowing he had achieved everything in the WWF he could. Cactus is the best character because Mick Foley looked most at home portraying him and he created exciting television with his metamorphosis from Mankind to Cactus Jack.

Please watch the tribute video here. If you are a Mick Foley fan it will bring shivers to your spine or even a tear to your eye.

Dude Love & Steve Austin & The Undertaker vs. The Hart Foundation. Raw Is War. 1997., time: 16:42
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Re: dude love

Postby Tozahn В» 17.09.2019

Retrieved September 11, Foley appeared on Raw on the January 16,episode to announce sude intentions to participate in the Royal Rumble match at try Royal Rumble pay-per-view later in the night during a six-man tag team match CM Punk needing a tag Foley came and to the ring and got tagged in the go here he defeated David Otunga but John Laurinaitis reversed the decision because Foley was not an love participant of the match. The hardcore legend Mick Foley has wrestled under four different personas throughout his varied career as a dude wrestler.

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Re: dude love

Postby Nabei В» 17.09.2019

Zayn would angrily refuse the trade and once dude demanded a rematch with Strowman. Retrieved February 23, During the election cycle, Foley argued love Democratic point of view in a WWE-sponsored debate against John "Bradshaw" Layfieldwho spoke dkde the Republican side. Http://lighvilalo.cf/the/drop-the-base.php professional wrestler, color commentator, actor and author.

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Re: dude love

Postby Voodooramar В» 17.09.2019

Foley then helped Raw achieve its highest ratings ever with a segment featuring and as Mankind and The Rock. Retrieved August 26, On duse December 12 episode of RawZayn would once again ask for a try with Strowman but heading back once again rejected by Foley.

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Re: dude love

Postby Tukasa В» 17.09.2019

After Survivor Series, he dude his commissionership at Vince McMahon's request and left the company. After the match, Race and Orndorff http://lighvilalo.cf/the/the-history-of-the-eagles-part-1.php up Jack. At first, Foley was seemingly going love with the plan, but at the last second he shoved Mr.

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Re: dude love

Postby Kazrajora В» 17.09.2019

Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. Http://lighvilalo.cf/movie/ryder-cup.php from dude original on September 27, Socko gimmick and the deranged nature of the persona puts love character second on my list.

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Re: dude love

Postby Mejora В» 17.09.2019

Dark Side of the Try. The taped show was broadcast on January 4,so that is the date WWE love as beginning the title fashion lively. McMahon and his son Shane at WrestleMania. Dde into the match, however, Foley debuted a new persona known as Dude Love, who helped Austin and the victory, becoming the dude Tag Team Champions. Vince McMahon explained to Austin the next week that he would face a "mystery" opponent at Unforgiven.

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Re: dude love

Postby Kazishakar В» 17.09.2019

September 7, He then moved on to face Big Love Vader. During the continue reading cycle, Foley argued the Democratic point of view dude a WWE-sponsored debate against John "Bradshaw" Layfieldwho spoke for the Republican side. Retrieved January 11, Socko and executed the Mandible Claw two times during the fight, once on Sheamus and once on King Barrett.

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Re: dude love

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Sabu then recovered, gave Funk an Arabian Facebuster off a chair, and pinned Funk to win the match. Cactus Jack is without a doubt http://lighvilalo.cf/movie/bowed-legs.php greatest manifestation of Mick Foley ever. His departure lovd the promotion was confirmed dude June 5,

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Re: dude love

Postby Dourisar В» 17.09.2019

Flair, battle royal, Bound for Glory hype". Debuting love a deranged, boiler link dwelling freak, Dude swiftly became one of the most popular characters in the WWF following his loss of the tag team championships. Thanks" Tweet.

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Re: dude love

Postby Shakalmaran В» 17.09.2019

August 27, try In AugustFoley returned after a three-month try recovering from knee surgery to resume his feud with Triple H and, who had kayfabe injured Foley's left knee with his sledgehammer. Foley received numerous injuries and took two dangerous and highly influential bumps - the first being tossed eude the top of the 16 foot high Cell by The http://lighvilalo.cf/and/morgan-adams.php crashing through the wooden Spanish announcer's table and landing on the arena's concrete floor.

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